Butte College

Our partnership with Butte College has led to several strategic marketing initiatives that help their team reach enrollment goals semester after semester. Maintaining their overall message and mission that quality, affordable education should be available to all students, our team assisted with the creation, development and execution of campaigns across various platforms including TV, radio, print, direct mail, billboard and digital marketing. 


The Challenge

Butte College was experiencing low student enrollment numbers due to:

  • Inconsistent digital presence
  • Absence of clear and relevant messaging

The Solution

We worked directly with the Butte PR and marketing team to create media assets and campaigns that would resonate with their desired audiences. Our multi-pronged strategy created a cohesive and effective marketing machine that would improve their enrollment numbers year over year and measured success through analytics, customized landing pages and digital tracking.

  • Developed bi-annual marketing strategies for ad campaigns
  • Created, designed and executed digital and print campaign deliverables 
  • Coordinated vendor communication for both media and print materials
  • Designed, launched and managed paid/targeted digital campaigns 
  • Analyzed digital performance of paid advertising campaigns
  • Produced clear and compelling messaging around targeted campaigns


Increase in Application Enrollment

Over the course of a year through digital ads, direct mailers and television spots, we successfully impacted enrollment numbers for Butte College and met their goals. 


Continued Work

  • Strategy and creative for digital and print ads 
  • Creation, development and execution of bi-annual marketing initiatives 
  • Providing analytics and evaluation of online campaigns
  • Ongoing consulting and collaboration with their in-house marketing team

Become Irreplaceable

Your business is either a replaceable commodity or an irreplaceable brand. What you become is determined by your marketing — and we can help with that.