Cracking the Code

By creating a HubSpot module database, we gave AppSheet the tools to build a more functional website that strengthened their brand.

Bringing app development to the masses.

A user-friendly “no-code” software tool that gives practically anyone the ability to easily create an app that fits their needs. (2)


The Challenge

When AppSheet approached us, their current website didn’t leave room for flexibility the way their app software does for their users. The way that it was set up, their root domain couldn’t live on HubSpot. So their whole website functioned as a subdomain of their root domain. This meant they had to piece together templates and rely on coded landing pages from internal developers. These pages simply didn’t function well or give AppSheet’s team the flexibility they wanted from their website. It also made it hard for AppSheet to maintain consistency in their branding. They needed a database of flexible modules that gave them the flexibility to plug-n-play but still provided versatility for the way they presented information and the type of information they presented with the pages of their website.

appsheet backend demo 2.1 (4)

The Solution

Through close collaboration with the AppSheet team — and by close, we mean meeting 3 times a week for 30 minutes — we were able to understand the exact functionality they needed out of their website. Their old website was a puzzle where each piece could only fit in one spot, but the picture of what it was supposed to look like had been lost. Our plan was to give them sets of building blocks that could easily be reassembled in multiple ways. This led us to create a robust HubSpot module database for them.


Strategic counsel and solid execution

“Working with Lone Fir has been a fantastic experience. They quickly understood our unconventional use of HubSpot and were able to suggest and develop solutions that increased our team’s capacity and helped achieve our marketing goals. They’re knowledgeable, deliver on budget, and are a pleasure to work with – everything you could ask for in an agency.” 

Kären Engelbrecht
Marketing Operations Manager | Google Cloud

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