What's the Deal With Chat GPT?

Ashlee Rolkowski on January 30, 2023


ChatGPT has taken over news feeds and left us all wondering how AI will shape the future of business. To help suss through all the technical information out there, I pulled in Paul Blankley, CTO and Co-Founder of Zenlytic

In this episode of Marketing Tomorrow, I asked Paul to break down the inner workings of artificial intelligence. He explained that the key differentiator between AI and other software programs is that AI learns. It will return an answer based on the data and parameters that you've fed it, but if it were fed different data, it might do something else.

Paul expects AI to start making waves in a few key areas of businesses:

  • Content creation
  • Code creation
  • Design
  • Customer support (particularly chatbots)

“It’s going to be very good at aiding humans in doing things, but it’s not going to automate your work away. It just takes away the menial parts of your work,” Paul says.

He notes there are a few areas that need to be improved to reach significant gains with AI. First is precision; most AI systems are convincing but they don’t pull the most recent or authoritative information. Part of improving this will be helping those systems understand time so it can parse through recent versus old information and choose the most relevant answers.

What he’s looking most forward to, however, is a programming language specifically for AI. Paul explained that the current text-to-text model is somewhat limited in its applications and capabilities. But with a programming language, “instead of just being a language model where it’s text to text, it can be basically an intelligent engine to solve some problem. Even if that problem isn’t text based.”

That capability will open the door to countless use cases and applications across industries. Paul expects this will be the next major advancement in AI.

Zenlytic has been working to integrate much of ChatGPT’s functionality in their own business, specifically in the form of more intelligent (and helpful) chatbots. To keep up with Paul, follow him on Twitter @pablankley or on LinkedIn.

Ashlee Rolkowski
Ashlee Rolkowski
Ashlee thrives on the fast-paced environment that is marketing. She gets a great deal of enjoyment out of organizing any and all things and loves helping her clients tackle their unique set of challenges.

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