Inbound Marketing: 7 Strategies to Increase Inbound Leads

Tyler Pigott on June 01, 2017

Struggling to attract clients for your business? Do you want to create a massive influx of qualified buyers to your website using inbound leads?

Using inbound leads is a top method for bringing traffic to your business's website. For example, using inbound marketing is 62% cheaper than traditional marketing.

Today's digital space is crowded. Follow the seven strategies below to increase your inbound leads and increase your business sales!

1. Tailor to Your Clients

Inbound marketing can help you with this by creating content tailored to be attractive to your target demographics. It allows potential customers to find you through things such as social media, search engines, and blog posts. Content tailored to specific demographics will pull your clients in rather than blasting them with a message and hoping for a lead.

To tailor content, you must know your business. All businesses should have a clear identity. This identity should separate them from other businesses in the minds of customers. Putting tailored content out will attract the appropriate customers. This means your business is not directly competing with other businesses.

2. Invest in Nurturing to Increase Your Inbound Leads

Once you identify the exact type of customer your business needs, you can devote resources to them. These people are perfect targets for lead nurturing. Not all leads you receive after targeting your audience will come through with a sale right away. This is why lead nurturing is important. Qualified customers may just need additional time before being willing to buy goods or services.

Lead nurturing keeps you in constant contact with the inbound leads you already secured. This constant communication means that when they are ready to buy, you are fresh in his or her mind. During this process, you want to build trust and promise about your business and products.

Follow a lead nurturing plan that uses multiple platforms. Email allows you to directly reach potential customers with newsletters or offers on products. Social media can provide an outlet for you to share valuable content.

Be sure to keep all your customer contact information in one central place. Track the leads you have converted and methods you used. This will allow you to assess your business's best strategies for increasing inbound links.

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3. Test It Out!

Finding the best way to generate inbound leads is a process. Many businesses find success with A/B testing, sometimes called split testing. This means you test two versions of a web page to determine which does better with potential customers. Show the pages to similar people and go with the one that creates more conversions. Split testing can tell you reasons why customers are leaving your website and are not converting. It can pinpoint simple website fixes that will increase your business revenue!

During testing, be sure to test out what are your most successful call to action buttons. Call to action buttons are buttons or links that encourage your customers to take action. Examples include "Download this Infographic" or "Attend Upcoming Webinar." If your website does not have the appropriate amount of enticing call to action buttons, you will not generate clicks or conversions.

4. Give Tweeting a Chance!

Social media, specifically Twitter, is a great tool for creating inbound leads. Reach out to influencers in the industry. Talk with them and have them talk publicly about your business. Follow relevant trending topics that relate to your business and enter the conversations using the '#'. By providing your input on a trending topic, hundreds, if not thousands will see your business.

Other social media outlets can also provide beneficial inbound leads. Try using social media sharing buttons on your content. This opens up your content to become a commonly shared article or infographic on sites such as Facebook.

Infographics are a great content delivery method. People always stop to look at them and frequently will share them to their immediate social media network.

5. Webinars

Using webinars can increase inbound links by getting your business's message out to many people. Services exist to help you create and host excellent series or standalone webinars. If you choose to make your webinars a series, this will help your following grow.

Come up with a great idea that would help or be appealing to your ideal customer. Promote the webinar on social media, newsletters, and directly with your network.

At the conclusion of each webinar, have a chance for people to sign up for the newsletter if they aren't currently subscribed. Give them a chance to visit your site to learn more.

Lastly, maybe take the time to create an ebook for your customers and give webinar viewers discounted access. An ebook is useful because customers love to read and gain factual information. Be careful how you present information in an ebook. Ultimately people want to gain valuable information, not be sold on a bunch of products from your business.

6. Get Out and About

Network events can provide valuable opportunities that are missed in the digital space. You will always meet people, both in and out of your industry. This will expand your network and let you gain referrals. If you sell your product and business while networking, those people may, in turn, mention you when talking to others. 

Bring plenty of business cards and do not be shy in asking people to check out your business.

7. Continue to Serve

Don't think you can simply forget about the leads you've converted from your inbound marketing. Once customers have provided you with a sale, you still need to pay attention to them. Continue to engage with existing customers to ensure they are faithful repeat customers.

Ensure your customer base is happy by showing you value their opinions. Send out surveys seeking feedback on what they want. Ask them to provide a review of your customer service.

Continue to target your content to your customers based on their interest. Use past sale history when considering what products or services may be most appealing to them.

Have other ideas for generating great inbound leads? Has one of the above strategies worked for you? Let us know, we always like to hear success stories or questions. Give me a shout on Twitter @tylerpigott or send me an email

Tyler Pigott
Tyler Pigott
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