How To Increase Your Webinar Attendance

By Michael Coogan on January 13, 2021

Webinars have become a critical tool for businesses.

Studies show webinars build trust, drive leads, increase conversions, and position your products and services into the minds of customers.

The tricky part? Getting people to register and show up! All too often, even the most useful (and free) webinars get few registrants simply because they fail to communicate the purpose and message of the webinar. 

Case Study:

Yuba Sutter Economic Development Corporation (YSEDC)

Find out how we helped the YSEDC increase their registration by 300% within the first 24 hours of launch. 


Through new and improved messaging (coupled with Facebook Advertising),the goal with this project was to increase attendance for a series of webinars focused on assisting businesses reopen, rebuild and recover in Yuba and Sutter Counties  The current messaging around the webinars was not capturing and resonating with the business owners and therefore attendance was low and registration went unnoticed.


Created clear and compelling messaging that resonated with the business owners' problems; clearly identified the benefits of the knowledge to be gained; and provided clear calls to action for participants to register.


  • From little to no interest in previous webinars to a 15x increase in webinar leads
  • Tripled webinar attendance from previous webinars
  • Within 24 hours of launching the new messaging and marketing, there was a 300% increase in registrations

Bottom line: Your messaging is everything.

Words are what drive people to action. But not just any words. You must speak to the customer's problem through identifying what they nned or want and what is at stake, offering a clear solution to that problem. 

With the right messaging, you can watch your company grow! 

We can help. Contact MC2 today for a complimentary consultation to find out how you can take your business to the next level. 

Michael Coogan
Michael Coogan
Michael is a growth-minded entrepreneur, business leader and marketer that has spent the last 30+ years in leadership roles with both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. His entrepreneurial spirit was kindled when he started his first business at 10 years old and his creative wiring has allowed him to thrive as an agency owner, both personally and professionally.

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