Generate New Leads with Cold Emails

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Tyler Pigott
Tyler Pigott

03.09.2017 | 3 min read

Do you still use unsolicited cold emails as part of your marketing campaign? If so, I’d imagine you are seeing low open and click-through rates. But I get it, sometimes you get someone to respond every now and again, and sometimes those responses turn into a new customer.

Depending on your industry, cold emails are still one of the most effective ways to present yourself to a targeted audience. If you insist on sending cold emails to companies and businesses you’d like to work with, check out these 5 ways to generate new leads with cold emails.

Spend Time On Your Email Subject Lines

This is a must. Since the people you’re emailing don’t know you or your company, the subject line is basically the most important part. It will be the difference between opening the email or not. Believe me, the more time you spend on this aspect of your email campaign, the more dramatic increases you’ll see in your email open rates.

Check out this article 144 Catchy Email Subject Lines Guaranteed To Stand Out In A Crowded Inbox to help get you started. There are several categories that you can model your own email campaign after.

Creating effective cold email campaign subject lines to generate new leads is a process. It’s recommended that you’d come up with 3-5 awesome subject lines and then run a test to identify the best performing ones.

Include Lots Of Resources

Many times we see cold emails that are: poorly written, much much too long and all about the company that's sending them. You’ve got to create an email that is engaging, well written and to the point. Make sure to include enough links in the email to generate the desired click through, which should be the goal of every email you send.

Ideally, these links would be to content you’ve created on your website that are applicable to issues the prospect is having. For instance, if I were sending a cold email to a prospect, I would try to select a couple of items I see on their website that might help improve lead generation for their business.  Then I follow those up with links to ebooks or blog posts that support what I’m saying more in depth.

Make Sure You’ve Got a P.S. Line

The P.S. line at the end of your emails can be very effective. Most people when they receive an email skim through it to see if they want to read the details, which brings them to the P.S. line very quickly before they’ve read anything else. Use that P.S. to put your best offer and best link in bold, to reinforce the message, create urgency and generate value.

I first started using P.S. lines after reading a blog at Copyblogger. It talked about “What’s first, last and unusual in my copy?” The first is always the headline. The unusual is the story or example that helps to differentiate your offer or ask. The last is your P.S. line or the final thought.

Using a P.S. line can double, if not triple your click through rates compared to emails that don’t have a P.S. offer.

Consider How To Personalize It

Tell a story. Figure out what your prospect is challenged by the most in their business and make your recipient the hero of the story and get them connected to it emotionally. Often times this might require the services of a professional writer, but if done well, it draws the reader in immediately. Think 5-6 sentences max.

Sometimes it helpful to see what others have done, here are 12 Personalized Email Examples You Can’t Help but Click

Make sure it comes from a real person, don’t send from a info@, sales@ or services@ or any other email besides a real person. If it's from anyone else besides a person, 9 times out of 10 it's always a SPAM email.

Consider Using Applicable Media For Your Personas

Depending on your personas, some people don’t like to read. Consider using video for those personas. It's a really great add-on to most emails and many people aren’t doing it yet, so it's still a novelty in some cases. Keep the video short and sweet, think about creating the story you want to tell in about 90 to 120 seconds, and then create a link for readers to learn more at the end of the video. Videos in emails tend to really increase your click through rates.

When I say videos, let's make sure we’re clear...I’m not talking about an animated GIF or GIF of any kind, please don’t do that. I’m talking about a well done, excellently shot video to get good results. I’d recommend using a DSLR which are known for good image quality, speed, quality optics and enough manual controls that you can fine tune just about any image. If you don’t have the budget for that or don’t want to fuss with more gear, you can also use video recording apps for your mobile device which can also lead to great results. Check out Camera Plus Pro for some advanced recording features and 8mm vintage camera if you’re looking for a retro style.

These are just 5 tips of how to generate new leads with cold emails, but there are many others. Have any of you out there experienced the ability to generate new leads with cold emails?

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