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Tyler Pigott
Tyler Pigott

07.10.2018 | 3 min read

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Oh great, another blog post telling you the best time to send an email to your audience. We've all read articles on the web about "the best" times to send marketing newsletters, sales emails, and prospecting emails, but here's the problem - once someone publishes that article, then everyone starts sending emails at that same time and what's the results?

Marketers and sales people alike have been using email outreach to find quality leads and nurture prospects along the sales process. But people are bombarded with emails simultaneously making them less likely to open the email, and totally defeating the purpose.

Quick question: Say you had data on all your contacts in your CRM that tracked every email they've opened in their history with you. What if you could use this data to tell you the exact time to send an email for the best engagement rate, would this change the way you sent emails?


People are getting more and more emails everyday, what Mike Donnelly deems "email fatigue". On top of this, email platforms are becoming exponentially smarter in weeding out the emails they think you don't want to see - think about Gmail's primary, social, promotions, and updates tabs. Read more about the challenge of the promotions folder here.


As an agency we are always evaluating our tech stack and what tools we can offer to clients. Our goal is to provide them the tools that will give them the greatest competitive advantage and best chance for success amongst their customers and prospects. We'll never recommend a tool we don't have experience with and haven't used ourselves. So, what's the solution? Try it out, of course!

With email prospecting, we as marketers or sales people have to cut through the noise and stand out from the rest. Seventh Sense is the tool that has given us the competitive edge, increasing our engagement rates exponentially!

Their website says it best:

  • Send Marketing Emails with Precision - Whether you're sending to 1 person or 1 million people, deliver every email at the optimal time and frequency for each person.
  • Send Sales Emails with Precision - Timing is everything in sales. Send your emails when your prospects or customers are most likely to open and respond.
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Below we'll dive into how we use their product and some of the features we like the most.


Why Seventh Sense? One reason really...It makes you better as a marketer and sales person.

We've experienced higher email open rates and better quality engagement for both our agency and our clients. Oh yeah, the other cool thing, it wakes up those contacts in your list that you thought weren't paying attention - we call those dormant contacts, those subscribers you thought you'd totally lost - but really you were just sending email at the wrong time.

I can't speak to all the technical specs of how it does and what it does, but essentially Seventh Sense integrates with your HubSpot marketing account and your business Gmail accounts. Once connected, Seventh Sense analyzes all the data on both platforms and monitors behavior to send emails when a subscriber is most likely to open. For example, if a CEO typically reads their email at 8:00 PM, Seventh Sense will send the email at that time. However, another subscriber would receive the same email at 7:30 AM because that is when they are most likely to read it. This means a sender can schedule the mail over several hours or several days.

Here is a great explanation of how you can use HubSpot to send your marketing and sales emails as well as a breakdown of how it works from the team over at Databox.


Have you ever sent out an email that had a bad link or misspelled words? Yes, yes, and unfortunately... yes! With most email platforms once you hit send, it schedules emails to be sent into the dark abyss of the internet all at once or in large batches, giving you no chance to react if you notice a mistake. 

We had just completed Lone Fir Creative's monthly newsletter to send to our list of engaged subscribers - a list of about 650. We wrote the email, proofed with the team and everything was good to go. We created our HubSpot workflow and scheduled the email to be sent over the next 3 days via Seventh Sense.


The next morning I got an email back from one of the subscribers (I'm not sure what's worse - the actual mistake or people emailing you back to tell you what isn't spelled right or what link isn't working). They pointed out that a link to register for our upcoming webinar redirected to a 404 page. Queue the "palm to face", ugh!

But oh, the beauty of Seventh Sense...I logged in and saw that it had only gone out to 50 people thus far, so I edited the email in HubSpot with the correct link and...voilà! The correct email with the updated link went out to the remaining recipients on the list. 

If you are interested in sending better engagement emails to your list of subscribers and/or enabling your sales teams to have higher open rates and set more appointments, it's worth your time to at least see the product in action. Here are a couple ways to do that!

  1. Give us a shout, we're happy to share our experience. We provide a free 30-min strategy session that can be used to chat about different tools like Seventh Sense!
  2. Request a consultation with THE expert in email marketing, Mike Donnelly (founder of Seventh Sense), Linkedin, Twitter, Seventh Sense website.

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