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By Ashlee Rolkowski on March 24, 2021

By nature, Medicare is a confusing and challenging topic to grasp. And on their 65th birthday, every US citizen is faced with the overwhelm of enrolling in a plan. But most are destined to choose the wrong plans because the information they need is scattered, disconnected or non-existent — sending aging adults on a wild-goose chase they never asked for. is determined to change that, to be the Medicare broker that provides transparent education first and foremost while ensuring seniors have all the hands-on help they need. And that requires a unique, connected and easy-to-use online presence.

The Challenge was known for running in-person workshops around the country. They covered everything someone would need to know about enrolling in Medicare, and then made enrollment effortless for those in attendance. After seeing a great deal of success with these events, they began exploring the possibility of offering these workshops online. They could reach more people, and it would flow seamlessly into their enrollment experience. 

As with any project, there were a few roadblocks to moving the brand online:

  1. Their in-person workshops were driven by the personality and reputation of a single person. There wasn’t a unique visual brand or message attached to the service. 
  2. They didn’t have a website, leaving them without a “basecamp” for their online presence.
  3. While their mission was clear internally, it did not translate to their audience.

Without clear messaging or a brand identity nailed down, they didn’t feel like their marketing reflected their personality. The energy and passion they bring to Medicare education is a huge part of what makes unique, and they wanted that to be at the forefront of their brand.

The Solution

So we jumped into building the brand’s online identity — brand messaging, logos, website design and development — all of it. And it all started with laying a solid foundation through their messaging.

Laying a Foundation with Messaging and a New Visual Brand

Starting with messaging allowed us to clearly define their audience, the problem they have and how will solve it. We tailored their messaging to capture their easy-going tone while clearly communicating their difference maker — a philosophy that prioritizes simple education and guidance.

“Lone Fir Creative’s messaging workshop helped us wrangle all our team’s thoughts into a clear message that we could all get behind. It was exciting to see everything we’d been trying to say so clearly laid out.”

~ Josh Musick, Co-Founder of 

Meanwhile, our designers chiseled out a brand identity to display the light-hearted and simplistic approach that takes.  

A Website Built to Simplify the User Experience

Website Built to Simplify - largeTo bring it all together online, we mapped out a full website that positioned’s online teaching workshops front and center. And, to cater to an audience that may not spend much time on modern websites, we created a layout focused on effortless navigation and easy-to-use tools. 

After nailing the look and feel, we moved right into development. Using the HubSpot CMS to bring the site to life, we were able to give the flexibility they needed to easily capture data, track CTAs and analyze customer behavior.

The Results

Best practice in the world of Inbound is often to give the user one action, and one action only to complete on any given page. But, sometimes, it’s worth offering an alternative action in case the user isn’t ready to pull the trigger on your product or service right away. For a company that truly desires to educate and empower their customers, it made sense to offer their workshop as a second call to action on their homepage. 

The primary action — talking to a Guide — directs users to a Calendly page where they can schedule a call with a Medicare Guide. Check out the results from Q4 of 2020 (just a few months after the initial launch of the website).

Talk to a Guide CTA

A 2.65% click rate doesn’t seem like much until you see it with the transitional (or secondary) call to action right next to it: Get the Free Workshop. With a 10.67% click rate last quarter.

Get Workshop CTA

That button leads to a landing page, which performed at a 24% conversion rate in Q4 of 2020.

Wrapping it Up has staked a claim on their corner of the internet and continues to grow as a brand. With a fresh look and an easy-to-use website as a basecamp, they are sure to see more and more growth as the year progresses.

“The team at Lone Fir Creative had a streamlined process that helped us launch our brand and website in 3 months. Not only did they do great work, but they were a fun group to work with.”

~ Josh Musick, Co-Founder of 


If you have ambitious goals for your brand this year, we'd love to be a part of making them happen. Let us know how we can help. 

Ashlee Rolkowski
Ashlee Rolkowski
Ashlee thrives on the fast-paced environment that is marketing. She gets a great deal of enjoyment out of organizing any and all things and loves helping her clients tackle their unique set of challenges.

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