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By Michael Coogan on July 01, 2020

Hi Friends,

I’d like to offer you some encouragement during this time.

The last four months have been a challenging season filled with uncertainty--the not knowing when it's going to be over has been one of the toughest parts of it all.

There are a few important things for us to be thinking about as we begin to reopen and get back on our feet following Covid-19 mandated closures.

Let’s support each other.

It's critical for us--as business owners and leaders--to reach out, encourage and support each other. We can do this through a variety of different ways. Simply picking up the phone and reaching out to our colleagues or to our clients shows we care. Another way we can show our support is to engage with fellow local businesses by spending money and continuing to do business with one another.

Let’s be clear in our messaging.

Your marketing message is super important now more than ever. I just want to encourage you to take a close look at what your website, social media and digital content are saying to your current and potential customers. It’s never been more relevant than it is right now. So it's important for us to evaluate whether we are communicating the right things and doing that in a way that's clear, a way that is encouraging and expresses empathy--that really connects with where customers are in this season.

Let’s really be in this together.

The final and most important thing we can do is recognize that we're all in this together and this season will pass. We will get through this. And I want to just encourage you to have hope. Hope is essential during this season of crisis. We need to see--during this season of uncertainty--hope really does trump fear.

  • Let's encourage each other.
  • Let's reach out.
  • Let's support each other the best that we can.
  • Let's really be conscious about what we're saying and how we're communicating clearly to our customers.
  • And let's have hope for good things in this season and in the future.
  • Let's stay smart.
  • Stay healthy and lean in with courage and intent.
Michael Coogan
Michael Coogan
Michael is a growth-minded entrepreneur, business leader and marketer that has spent the last 30+ years in leadership roles with both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. His entrepreneurial spirit was kindled when he started his first business at 10 years old and his creative wiring has allowed him to thrive as an agency owner, both personally and professionally.

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